Abrasive Mop Disc 60 Grit

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The flap disc SMT 624 Supra fits these requirements. It comes in various sizes,  with different holes, and a wide range of grit sizes.
Therefore, it is suitable for all conventional angle grinders as well as for numerous applications.

Supra abrasive mop discs for high levels of performance.

The abrasive mop discs included in the “Supra” offer the perfect combination of high removal rates and exceptional service life. This unique blend makes them equally attractive for professional applications and use by hobby and home users with high standards. The unrivalled performance of the flap disc SMT 624 Supra is ensured by its robust and powerful zirconia alumina. The material is self-sharpening as it keeps forming new sharp edges throughout the grinding process. Composed of a sturdy glass fibre backing plate, it satisfies the most stringent safety standards thanks to its extreme strength. The permissible speed ranges up to 15,300 revolutions per minute – depending on the diameter of the disc. The larger the abrasive mop disc, the lower the permissible speeds. A label on the disc indicates its specific permissible speed range.

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