Bosch T130RF Special for Ceramic Jigsaw Blades

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The Bosch Expert ‘Stainless Steel’ Jigsaw Blade is the perfect blade for cutting very thin sheet metals, including adjustment cuts in industrial fittings, mechanical engineering and machinery, and construction applications such as elevators and escalators.

Not only can it work on a variety of tasks but it can also last up to 50x longer than a Bi-Metal Jigsaw Blade.

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  • Lasts up to 50x longer than a Bi-Metal jigsaw blade in tough materials
  • Ideal for making straight cuts in stainless steel sheet
  • Extreme durability is built in with Bosch Carbide Technology
  • Best for metalworkers as it is long lasting and precise
  • Conveniently fits all T-shank jigsaws

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