Carlube AdBlue – 10 Litres

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Carlube Adblue is a reducing agent produced to the ISO 22241 standard, for the SCR exhaust after treatment devices in Euro 4, 5 & 6 diesel engines.

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AdBlue is a DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) which assists in reducing the harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions that are produced by diesel engines.

The introduction of this clever chemical is to aid car manufacturers in combating the ever-stricter emission targets such as Euro 6.

This was phased in from 2015 to help limit the impact on the environment and human health.

A colourless, non-toxic liquid, AdBlue is fundamentally made up of a water and urea.

In this instance, the urea is a remarkably pure, and of a much higher grade than that commonly found in glue, fertilisers or cosmetics.

The water that is used is de-mineralised, which is cleaner than what comes out of a regular tap.

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10 Litres

Specification Compliance

DIN700070 | ISO 22241



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