Klingspor DT 230 U Extra | Large Diamond Cutting Blade

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Klingspor DT 230 U Extra, large diamond cutting blades are intended for use with construction materials, natural stone, concrete & pavement slabs.

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It lives up to the highest professional standards, but is not intended for continuous use on a daily basis. This makes the  product that offers a good price-performance ratio. It performs exceptionally well when used for work on

    • construction materials,large diamond cutting blade a
    • natural stone,
    • concrete and
    • pavement slabs.

Its standard gullet provides for ideal cutting performance at a rapid feed rate.

Additional characteristics of the large diamond cutting blade DT 300 U Extra

The large diamond cutting blades are manufactured at Klingspor’s own production facility. This ensures that the core and the segments of the cutting blades are matched perfectly to one another. The result is maximum performance in each selected field of application. The Klingspor corporation attaches prime importance to the highest possible safety during work on construction materials. This is why the large diamond cutting blades are subjected to regular testing as required by the strict oSa guidelines. Also guaranteed is compliance with European safety standard EN 13236. The cutting blade DT 300 U Extra can be used both on handheld circular saws and on table circular saws.

Important information on how to use diamond cutting blades

To ensure it is always readily available to the user, all important information is printed on the front of the large diamond cutting blade. A colour coding system provides information on the materials that can be processed with this blade – the colour white, for instance, indicates suitability for construction materials (universal). Also found on the product is an arrow that indicates the running direction of the cutting blade. The user should strictly observe this specification to ensure the blade will function properly. The colour bar on the label holds two additional pieces of information: The maximum operating speed is indicated in m/s, while the value next to it signifies the maximum permissible rotational speed in revolutions per minute. The user must observe both values to ensure their own safety. If operated at an excessive rate of speed, the blade may burst and cause injuries.

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