Klingspor KM613 40 X 20 X 6mm 120G

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This small mounted flap wheel has been designed as the perfect complement to all straight grinders and drilling machines with speed control. The unique features of the KM 613 include the soft and flexible flap structure and a constant removal rate. This tools makes it easy to process workpieces that are made up of complex surfaces shapes.

Moving flaps are the distinguishing feature of this product

The flexible movements of its flaps provide for additional ventilation on this mounted flap wheel. This allows for cooler grinding, preventing the formation of annealing colours on the workpiece. The KM 613 is used for finishing on metal and is guaranteed to create a brilliant surface finish on stainless steel. Better still, its constant removal rate turns this mounted flap wheel into the ideal abrasive tool for other materials shuch as wood and plastic.

stainless steel,


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