Kronenflex C24 Extra Stone,Plastics 230mm

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Kronenflex cutting-off wheels C 24 Extra for stone and concrete

The Kronenflex cutting-off wheels C 24 Extra are an excellent choice for processing stone and concrete. This cutting abrasive offers a host of essential benefits including the use of SiC grit: Capable of removing mineral-based materials quickly and effectively, this grit allows the product to excel across a wide range of applications. The grain is manufactured synthetically and exceptionally sharp and pointed. Klingspor offers the Kronenflex cutting-off wheel C 24 Extra in a large number of diameters and the following designs:

  • flat and
  • with a depressed centre.

The product is an excellent option for professional applications and do-it-yourself use alike.

Superior performance across all types of applications

Klingspor offers the Kronenflex cutting-off wheel C 24 as part of the Extra quality class. The products classified in this category are suitable for universal use and marked by an attractive price-performance ratio. Both label and cover sheet show the user at a glance all essential performance data of the cutting-off wheel. Of chief importance are the specifications on operating speed and spindle speed. Optimum results and safe working hinge on using the wheel at the perfect speed when it is mounted on an angle grinder. Optimum speed translates to the ideal ratio of cutting speed to wear. The spindle speed must not exceed the permissible maximum rpm.

Klingspor counts on quality materials

Klingspor relies exclusively on premium components for their Kronenflex cutting-off wheel C 24 Extra – from the bonding agent to the filler materials. A blend of perfectly matched components always delivers excellent cutting quality – for the intended application the product is designed for. The wheel is reinforced by a special glass fibre cloth. The resins and filler materials used for these wheels ensure reliable stability and high cutting performance and improve their hardness. These properties let them deliver uniform and professional results in any conditions of practical use. Better still, the wheels also prove to be exceedingly durable under heavy-duty use

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