Parweld WH-1 Everyday Welding Helmet (Light Reactive)

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Parweld WH-1 every-day, light reactive welding helmet with variable sensitivity. Made of a high impact polyamide nylon material for comfort & protection.

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Moulded Construction, the WH-1 is both slim and lightweight in construction. Manufactured from a high impact polyamide nylon material which ensures the helmet provides high levels of comfort and durability. Full Face Coverage and Solar Powered. A curved design with a clear spatter shield over the optics provides maximum clarity. The helmet is fully adjustable to suit all head and body types. Features full neck coverage and locking headgear . The helmet is powered by a solar cell. Internal battery life expectancy is 6 years. Fast Switching The auto on wide view lens switches from light to dark in 1/30,000th of a second and offers continuous eye protection against UV and IR radiation, even in the light state mode. Filters The welding filter has 2 sensors that react independently as the welding arc is struck enabling the almost instantaneous darkening of the filter. The switching sensitivity knob is located on the inside of the helmet and allows the helmet to be tuned to work in different ambient light levels. Shade 4 light state, ideal for welding preparation.

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Light Reactive